I’m about 60 y.o., a free-lance photographer and likes to travel using a motorbike whenever the opportunity arises. Most of my photos can be found in Flickr.

This site will feature all my travels on the Modenas Elegan 150 which I acquired on 8.March.2012, pre-owned, from Kee Kee Motors in Petaling Jaya, which is not far from where I lived in Subang Jaya.

In 2013, I traded-in the Modenas Elegan 150 for a Sym Evo 250i.

I will also write about my views on this bike and its handling capabilities.

Where possible, there will be nice photos to accompany most of my blogs.

If you wish, you can write to me at tlchua99@yahoo.com.



9 thoughts on “About”

  1. nice blog n thanks for experience sharing..

  2. James said:

    Hi.. interesting blog. It would be nice to know about this bike Elegan and how has it taken you on your journeys. Did you encounter any problems?I know a friend ( orang lama juga) who rode a Honda EX5 with his wife from Klang to Penang, Cameron highland and back. I thought they were Crazy! Amazing bike and even more amazing for an orang lama and wify…!

    • Elegan series… meant for long distance because it is heavy, 144kg dry weight…!!!! I’m only 66kg. When my bike tip over because I tried to park with the side stand on a slope with my front pointing downwards, the damn bike started to move forward on its own, almost tipping over its side. Damn… it was heavy to correct the bike. Always use the double stand unless the parking area is very flat.

      If travelling at 80 kph and below, quite nice to ride long distance. Can push the bike to 120 kph if I wanted to.

      Yes, when I was young, did the KL Penang trip on a Honda C70. By the time I reached Penang, go backache. With the Elegan, I feel tired but no backache.

      I fitted my bike with a Coocase 50L box, so got lots of storage space include the one below the seat.

  3. ramdzans said:

    hi Mr TLChua! just bumped into this again after quite a while haven’t seen the elegan forum anymore. You seem to have pretty recent write ups! keep writing uncle! I enjoyed reading. Photos are awesome no doubt. I wonder if you’re gonna ditch or replace the blog title since the current bike has been the ‘bigger brother’ of Elegan…but anyway, great blog!

  4. nice blog

  5. MY elegan radiator burst yesterday and hot water spread over my face/body during checking wiring/charging system which faulty.Do you know where i can buy the spare parts which low price…tqvm

    • Go to Modenas. Rates are reasonable. Go to any other mechanic, they may not know how to repair and u may have even more problems. For parts if u repair at Modenas, I believe they will give you discount.

  6. Tuan Moody said:

    Hello mr.chua, met u yesterday while sending you to pick up your bike at ss3. Great to see u..

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