25 days in Thailand – Sukhothai

This is the 5th part of my Journal

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DAY 5 – 25.Nov.2012

Kanchanaburi to Sukhothai

As usual, I woke up very early in the morning at 4.45 am and by 5 am, I was riding my Elegan 150cc out of Kanchanaburi to my next destination, i.e. Nakhon Sawan.

About 50 km north of Kanchanaburi, while the sky was still very dark, I reached a big town called U Thong at about 5.30 am. Knowing that the only place that opens up for food so early in the morning would be the morning market, I searched for it and from the bright lights that could be seen from the town’s main road, I easily located the place.

(Click any picture to view full size and press “Esc” to return back to this page.)

IMG_3447After having my cheap THB16 breakfast of coffee and some form of doughnuts (as shown on the left), I continued my journey towards Nakhon Sawan.

At U Thong, there were 2 roads leading to Nakhon Sawan and both would end at  Asian Highway 1. I took the northern one leading to Dan Chang which has lesser towns and traffic than the eastern one (passing through Suphanburi) that has a more direct route to Asian Highway 1.

Before reaching Uthai Thani, I saw many padi fields and took the following photo at 7.12 am where the sun was covered by the clouds as it started to rise. A farmer asked me why I took the photo and I explained to him that his field was beautiful. He smiled and nodded to me.

IMG_3460_1_2_fusedReaching Nakhon Sawan at 9.45 am, I called my great Flickr friend Jo and she was surprised that I arrived so early. After telling her to meet at Big C, I waited for her with a cup of chilled coffee that costs me THB20 and a bowl of hot beef noodles costing THB40.

Twenty minutes later, Jo arrived and I followed her car on my bike back to her big family bungalow, almost a mansion.

Jo's family bungalow

Jo’s family bungalow

Being a most gracious host, they were preparing a big lunch for me. I could see her dad working on a wooden project whilst her mom and her two daughters busy preparing food for Jo’s birthday lunch.

Knowing that I wanted to view her beautiful city, before we could settle down for the big lunch, she took me in her car with her eldest daughter, May, to the Nakhon Sawan Tower that overlooked Wat Kiriwong and the whole city.

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After having satisfied ourselves with photos and prayers, we all went back to Jo’s family bungalow for the Birthday Lunch of Thai style chicken served in western format as shown below.

Jo's Birthday Lunch

Jo’s Birthday Lunch

Having consumed the delicious lunch, Jo’s birthday cake came out next and with a birthday song and clapping, Jo blew out the candle. Her cake was very delicious.

A happy birthday celebration for Jo and family

A happy birthday celebration for Jo and family

Shortly after this, at about 1 pm, I bade farewell and continued my journey to Sukhothai. I arrived at Sukhothai at about 3 pm and took me about 20 minutes to locate TR Guesthouse.

After settling down at the guest-house, I went to the Sukhothai Historical Park, about 12 km west of where I stayed, to check out the place. It was festive mood when I was there as they were celebrating  Sukhothai Loy Krathong and Lantern Festival in a big way. Lots of stalls along the road selling food, drinks, clothings and souvenirs.

The following were photos taken on this day. (Click any picture to view full size and press “Esc” to return back to this page.)

Knowing that at this late in the afternoon, certain angles would not be good for photography, I headed back to the guest-house for dinner. I would need to come back the next day to complete the photography.

IMG002I had a good but cheap dinner at the night bazaar area for only THB45 and after that I headed back for the guest-house and called it a night.

(The picture was captured with a LG-P500 phone. Excuse the quality please. I was a bit lazy to bring along the bulky camera bag)

The were a lot of difference between the lunch I had at Jo’s place and this one.


(This was not supposed to be in this part because it happened the following day but I included it here to complete the story on Sukhothai.)

The following morning, I went back to the historical park for a sunrise photo shoot. Since it was still dark, I stopped at the nearby morning market and had breakfast there.

In my rush to shoot the Historical Park, I forgot to pay the stall owner for breakfast.

Yes, at the early morning of dawn of 26.Nov.2012, the lights at this historical park was much better and I could see die-hard photographers at this site shooting away. The following were pictures taken on 26.Nov.2012 at the Sukhothai Historical Park.

After the above shots, I thought to myself that I wanted to visit the Si Satchanalai Historical Park which was 50 km away, so I went back to the guest-house and packed up and decided that I would stay the night in Lampang instead. However, before I started for Lampang, I went back to the morning market to pay the stall owner my breakfast. Getting old! Very forgetful!

— End of Part 5 of the Journal —


1 thought on “25 days in Thailand – Sukhothai”

  1. Jeffrey said:

    Sukhothai is another hidden gem and worth a few days. I had passed by it for years on my rides and when I did stop, I was so sorry I hadn’t done it before

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