25 Days in Thailand – Kanchanaburi

This is the 4th part of my Journal

For travel advice and general experience, check out the main “25 Days in Thailand” page where I wrote about my preparation and what I did before my journey.

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DAY 4 – 24.Nov.2012

Chumphon to Kanchanaburi

Getting up from bed at about 3.45 am in the darkness of the morning, I packed my luggage and was out of the motel at 4 am on my Elegan 150cc with my little headlight blazing.

About 5 km before reaching Prachuap Kiri Khan, I stopped at a roadside shop along the highway and had a hot cup of Ovaltine for THB12 and noticed that the rays of the morning sun was illuminating the dark sky. That was my signal to continue my journey.

As I cruised along Highway 4 looking for a place to shoot the sunrise, I spotted a signboard “Prachuap Kiri Khan Bay” and decided to check it out. When I reached the bay, WOW!

Prachuap Kiri Khan Bay

Wat Thammikaram sitting at the top of a hill beside the bay.

The sight from the road surrounding the bay

The sight from the road surrounding the bay

Ning's Guesthouse

Ning’s Guesthouse

Interesting... a man carrying sea shells and corals by the beach

Interesting… a man carrying sea shells and corals by the beach

I stopped at Ning’s Guesthouse for breakfast. Located beside the esplanade by the bay, Ning’s Guesthouse serves breakfast from 8 am (not earlier) and was run by an Austrian (Gary) who married a Thai women (Ning) whom he affectionately called “The Boss”. While waiting for breakfast to land on my table, I noticed a man on the beach, which I thought was an interesting subject and took his photo.

Most of the time, Gary and I chatted about his time travelling Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia on his Honda Wave 125 cc made to look somewhat like a Harley-Davidson with wind-shield, back-rest and saddle bags. His Honda clocked 160,000 km before he sold it.

After the THB90 breakfast with good coffee, Gary gave me some pointers about Kanchanaburi and the Mae Hong Son loop and off I went on my now noisy Elegan 150cc.

Along the Highway 4 leading towards Bangkok, I noticed many “Factory Outlets” shops along the route near Cha Am. Since I was not in the mood for shopping, I didn’t check them out. I didn’t go into Hua Hin or Cha Am either since the highway didn’t cut through either towns.

At a small town called Pak Tho, along Highway 4, a Highway 35, turning right, leads to Bangkok. I followed the road to Ratchaburi. Passing Ratchaburi, I had to follow signboards for Kanchanaburi and had to stop a few times asking for directions.

Finally at around 12.30 pm, I finally arrived at Kanchanaburi and the first place I searched for was the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office which I found after 15 minutes of searching.

As I passed through the centre of Kanchanaburi, I spotted the War Memorial Cemetery and took the following photos.



IMG_3395_6_7_fused IMG_3390 IMG_3365_6_7_blendedAfter having shot a few photos from here, I decided to find the “Bridge Over River Kwai” attraction and located it quite easily. The following photo were taken there.

Bridge Over River Kwai, Kanchanaburi

After taking some more shots, I landed into a restaurant and had my THB160 lunch with 2 glasses of fruit juice while waiting for the rain to stop. Once the sky cleared, I went hunting for the “My Home Guesthouse” and found it after asking around for about 20 minutes.

The weather was hot and humid and I upgraded my “Fan” room to “Air-cond” room for THB150 making the total cost for the room to THB500. Had a short nap and at night, walked across to a nearby Thai Restaurant and had Spicy Pork Chop Rice for THB50. Since I had a running nose that day, I went to a Pharmacy and bought Vitamin C, tablets for my nose and anti-mosquito rub for THB340.

Most of the time when I was in Kanchanaburi, it was drizzling and no photos were captured except for the shots taken earlier.

I slept early after the dinner.

— end of day 4 —


6 thoughts on “25 Days in Thailand – Kanchanaburi”

  1. Jeffrey said:

    Prachuap Kiri Khan was the hidden Gem you missed. Guest houses from 150 baht. And no people around. Not sure of your early travel times. Large truck run at night, less traffic during the day as well as more to see.
    Over paid at the Pharmacy. Shop around, should have been under 100bt

    • Was in Prachuap Kiri Khan on way up and also on way back down. Bike broke down on way back at this place and had to send to Hat Yai by train. The bike mechanics here are useless… only know how to repair small bikes. Anyway the train ride was nice in 1st class coach with my bike in the goods wagon. Managed to catch some winks. The bike mechanics in Hat Yai is good but pricey!

      • Thought you were on a small bike ? A 150 was it ? and one that parts are not easy to find. I find the mechanics very good and very low cost. Oil change and service for 100 Bt (just over $3) Total rebuilds for about 2000 Bt., ($65) Even work on my bigger bike is very cheep. Let’s ride some time !

  2. Jeffrey said:

    Oh, and don’t forget to feed the monkeys at the end of the beach by the hill temple. Lots of fun !!!

  3. in Thailand, 125cc and below, the parts easy to find. For my bike, they had to replace my piston with a Honda CB 150cc piston. The piston link shaft came from a Suzuki. The total cost of repairs for my bike was THB10,000 in Phayao, THB5,000 in BKK and THB3,500 in HatYai. Had to stay 9 days in BKK for them to repair my bike and an extra day in Phayao for them to fabricate my part. Had to skip many places to come back in time and also run out of cash. Cost of train fare not included in costing. Cheap? Not really!

    • Clearly shows 2 things . . .
      1.) Your bike choice should have been thought out better as world wide parts are more limited. Where as say Honda parts are available on every street corner.
      2,) The bike you choose has a reliability problem breaking down that much,

      I have many different bikes for different kinds of rides, I know the parts for my Vespa are more expensive and have to come from over seas with dealers few and far between, Where on my Honda Wave, parts are readily available everywhere at very low prices. Yet the bike is so dependable. Last year I rode 105,000 km with out a single break down on my Wave except a flat tire

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