25 Days in Thailand – Hat Yai

This is the 1st part of my Journal

For travel advice and general experience, check out the main “25 Days in Thailand” page where I wrote about my preparation and what I did before my journey.

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DAY 1 – 21.NOV.2012

Subang Jaya to Hat Yai

Excited about my solo biking dream trip, I woke up early at 6 am to start my journey. My 4 litre container were filled with petrol and my 50L box at the rear with my clothes, NetBook etc. The red 30L water-proof bag contained my shoes, slippers, all packed in individual plastic bags and an extra soft jacket.

At 7.35 am in the morning, I passed this location and stop, somewhere after Rawang R&R, to admire the lovely sunrise. I thought to myself that this is going to be a nice sunny trip.


The journey from my house to the border point was boring, riding on straight, good roads. Luckily for bikers, I didn’t need to pay any toll and yet could speed along at an average of 90 kph.

My first stop for petrol was at Tg. Malim R&R where I filled up with MYR8 petrol. Then at Tapah R&R, I filled up with MYR7 petrol and decided to have nasi lemak breakfast there, which costs me only MYR5 with teh tarik. Again at Sg Perak R&R, I filled in MYR6 and at Juru R&R with MYR10. Did stopped at Gurun R&R and inquired at the Caltex station but the person-in-charge told me that for a small cc bike, the insurance was above MYR80 and suggested that I go to Changloon and get my insurance there.

I did as suggested and got my insurance for MYR41 for a 1 month period. I also asked about the THB/MYR exchange rate and found that it was the best rate I’ve seen so far (about MYR100.10 for THB1000). I did change in Kuala Lumpur for MYR101.30 for THB1000 earlier.

Filled up my tank for the last time before crossing with cheap Malaysian petrol at Caltex after the traffic lights junction. Not too far after this was the Bukit Kayu Hitam Malaysian border crossing. I passed my passport and bike registration card and the immigration officer told me that the registration card was not necessary at the Malaysian point and only needed at the Thai side.

As usual, a MYR2 tip was necessary at the Thai side and getting the Temporary Import Licence for my bike was fast and easy. Just hand to them the insurance, vehicle registration card and passport and less than 5 minutes later, I was inside Dannook eating my lunch. Oh yes, in Dannook, MYR is acceptable at all eateries and entertainment establishments, even hotels.

After a MYR6.20 lunch of Thai style fried rice and iced coffee at a road side stall, looking at entertainment centres that were all closed, young pretty Thai girls sitting and chatting around tables outside their establishments, I continued my journey to Hat Yai.

The sky was threatening to rain but I stopped to take some photos along the road in Sadao.


Wat Santi Wora Khun. Didn’t notice this giant monument in my last trip to Hat Yai but all I can say is that this is very big and bright.


Another temple found along the way to Hat Yai in Sadao.

After this shot, it started to rain in a drizzle and I couldn’t bother to wear my raincoat. Got a bit wet by the time I reached Hat Yai and from my memory of Google Map that I had memorised, I hunted for my hotel. Over shot the junction where I was supposed to turn and saw the Hat Yai Municipal Park and decided to turn into this place instead.

In my blog about this park, I missed out a few attractions in this place and decided to complete my blog. Your can read more about this blog here.

King Rama IV Monument, Hat Yai Municipal Park

King Rama IV Monument, Hat Yai Municipal Park

After nearly falling down from my bike on the steep hairpin turn going up the the slippery road to the 4-face Buddha, I managed to take the necessary photos to complete my write-up on this lovely place.

The next thing to do was searching for the hotel that I booked through Agoda.com. It was not easy to find this hotel and when checking into this place, I had to place a THB500 deposit. The good thing about this hotel, “C.S. Apartment”, was that it had free WiFi in the lobby. The rooms were clean and had a lift which made it easy to move my luggage. They also had a covered car park which I made use for parking my bike. The only disadvantage about this place was it was far from the centre of town and was located in a quiet area.

The reason why I chose this hotel was because it was cheap, THB410 per night, and I could easily go to my next destination from here without too much complications.

One of the first thing I did in Hat Yai was getting a Thai 1-2-Call SIM card which costs me THB50 and I topped up with THB100 credits at a 7-11 shop. However, to my surprise, didn’t know what I did, the THB100 was eatened up very fast and had to refill with another THB100 shortly after buying the 1st credits.

After having a simple THB50 dinner, I filled up my tank with THB100 RON-95. Now I have to get used to the Thai petrol prices. THB100 is about 2.5 litres of petrol! If I were to drive a Myvi, THB100 of RON-95 would hardly move the gasoline meter. I decided to top up my tank in case I needed to travel early the next day.

Didn’t move about Hat Yai city because it was raining and decided to call it a good first day of travel at about 8 pm. As usual, the TV was my good old fashion sleeping pill.

— end of the 1st day’s journal —


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