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Sightless Massage in Hua Hin

Saw a massage centre beside the hotel I stayed and decided to check it out because it charges only THB200 per hour for Thai Traditional Massage. Little did I know that they promote massage by the blind!

When I entered the place, a blind man asked me what I wanted and in English I replied “Thai Massage”. I was shown into a big room with 4 beds and an elderly lady invited me to lie on a bed. I noticed that she was using the wall as a guide and then realized that she was blind as well.

Never had a blind masseur do a massage on me before. Hmmm…! I think this would be interesting, I pondered. Had many girls do Thai Massage for me in the past though!

As she was doing my legs and thighs, I worried that as she hammered my thighs, she could miss the target and pound on my family jewels…! However, her aim was true and well placed. Phew!

20 minutes into the massage, 2 Caucasian ladies walked in and ordered the 1 hour Thai Massage. I did noticed that the massage for the ladies were different than for the me.

During the course of the massage, Thai messages came through their hand-phones. I then realized that they could receive SMS using voice instead of words since they cannot read.

Now what is different from the norm? They massage arm-pits and tummy as well. You don’t get those from girls with sight.

Anyway, this massage was an experience you all should try. Felt rejuvenated after she complete the massage. Gave her the THB400 plus THB40 as tips.