My lovely mermaid

After all these years, you still look the same to me.

On the 6.Apr.2014, my journey to Cambodia started. This picture was taken on the 7.Apr.2014 @ 6 AM, the day I departed for Surat Thani.

My current travel started at 4.08 AM, 6.Apr.2014. OK why so early… well, I couldn’t sleep! So with only a few more hours before the actual push-off, I told myself, “What the hack! Might as well start the trip early.”

So by the time I reached Songkhla at about lunch time, I was dead tired. The Sabai Sabai Resort was not really a family place, more like an adventure place for lovers etc with the awful smell from the lake. Oh… they have 1 channel of XXX-rated clips.

Met this fella who bought me dinner. His name is Nam.


Took some photos of the lake at sunset and went to sleep after the shoot.

The next morning, purposely went for the sunrise shot at 5.20 AM at Samila Beach and that’s when I took the above picture.

Keep following me for the next part. 🙂