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19.Aug.2013 & 20.Aug.2013

Part 2 – Beautiful Ko Samui

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This is the 2nd part of my journal. In this part, I’ll write about the 2 days relaxing in Koh Samui before going to Koh Phangan. Not having to rush from one place to another, I had time for photography and a massage.



The ferry landed at the Raja Ferry Terminal in Ko Samui at about 2 PM. My bike was the second last vehicle to exit the ferry. Buses, lorries and cars on the dusty road were already lining up to board the ferry. I made the mistake of not programming my GPS for the hotel I booked and had to ask many times the directions to my hotel. I had this problem when I was travelling during the “25 days in Thailand” escapade. Agoda.com don’t state the hotel’s telephone number in the booking receipt. Eventually, after an hour of searching, stopping many times to ask for directions, I eventually arrived at Kinnaree Resort. Wow! The name sounds big, but it’s only a small 10 meters wide building that connects the main road to the sea. However, it has its charms and after throwing my luggage into the room, I ordered my overdue lunch. Hungry and tired, I quickly consumed my food.

For only THB1,613 covering 2 nights stay there, this hotel has a personal touch. I believe this is a family run business as I noticed the parents staying in a room located behind the lobby & dining area and just before the rest of the rented out rooms. The room that I stayed was small and had a queen size bed. Wifi inside the room was good but the signal was not consistent. At the lobby and dining area, a big red fish occupies an aquarium. I ate lunch and dinner there. Prices for food was slightly higher than street food but much lower than 5 star hotels. Service was acceptable but would deteriorate when there’s a big crowd. You could also ask them to deliver the food to their beach front and enjoy the seaside view and breeze. Feeling the need to straighten my old bones, the manager of the hotel directed me to a massage centre about 50 meters away along the same road as the hotel. Arriving at the “spa”, I looked at the menu and ordered a Traditional Thai Massage. Directed to a bed in a room with 4 beds, the pretty masseur got down to business and chatted with me in English while massaging me the whole time. After paying THB250 for the massage and THB50 tips for the so-so massage, I quickly rushed back to Kinnaree Resort, grabbed my camera and shot the fading lights of dusk.

Goodnight Ko Samui

After that, took my bike out and went hunting for dinner. Couldn’t find a place I like but saw the following signboard.

Sex on the Beach & More = $3

Interesting signboard outside a bar & cafe along the road near Kinnaree Resort

I finally settled for dinner at Kinnaree Resort and thereafter went to my room and played with my computer, finally dozing off to sleep an hour later.


Woke up before 5.30 AM the next day and rode about 120 meters north of Kinnaree Resort to capture the following pictures.

5.53AM, 20.Aug.2013, BoPhut, Ko Samui

At 5.53 Am

Good Morning ~ Ko Samui

At 6.24 AM

The dawn to a lovely day

At 6.22 AM

Big Buddha Temple complex

Feeling satisfied after taking the sunrise shots from the Big Buddha Pier, On my bike, I headed north, about 1 km north of this pier, to a small island connected by a bridge. Signages to this complex was good. At about 6.38 AM, after parking my bike, I took the following.

Big Buddha @ BoPhut, Ko Samui

Taken from road level

The Bell @ Big Buddha Complex

This was the view from the top of the complex where I could see the BoPhut Bay.

Aliens in Ko Samui

Chance upon these two aliens on my way out and did an action shot with the statues. No tourist at 7.05 AM.

Maybe the Best Ice-Cream in Ko Samui?

Saw this claim about the best ice-cream.

Maybe the Best Ice-Cream in Ko Samui?

The ice-cream they sold were from Switzerland

Maybe the Best Ice-Cream in Ko Samui?

For THB150, the portions they served were very small. The best, I don’t think so.

Bangrak, Ko Samui

The view as I sat down while eating the ice-cream.

Bangrak, Ko Samui

another view from the same spot

Soap carving

Soap carvings found at the entrance of the ice-cream shop

At the base of the temple complex, there were shops selling souvenirs, clothings and food. I had a lovely lunch here.


Fresh coconut with Thai Curry Chicken and Pork for THB150, a good price for the great food.

Noon @ BoPhut, Ko Samui

The view from my table

Bangkok Air

From my table, I could watch planes approaching for landing and taking off

Sunset Quay, BangRak Beach (also known as Big Buddha Beach)

About 400 meters north of the Big Buddha Complex is the Sunset Quay where you can rent boats for diving or fishing.

Sub Somwang Bay

Sunset Quay

Big Buddha seen from a distance

Big Buddha seen from Sunset Quay 

ChaWeng Beach

Dotted along this piece of prime beach front were many hotels and resorts that cater to those who have deeper pockets. Frankly, this ChaWeng Beach area was very well developed as tourist destination and you will be able to find almost all you want as a tourist. It is so well developed that the road for the northern part of the beach was single direction (north to south direction only).

ChaWeng Beach, Ko Samui

Northern part of ChaWeng Beach 

ChaWeng Beach, Ko Samui

Southern part of ChaWeng Beach 

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda

The pagoda taken from ChaWeng Lake

Going up to this temple can be a bit scary on bike for those who are not used to steep roads.

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda

Look for this monument at the base of the temple. From here, you would be able to climb up to the pagoda.

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda

The signboard indicating the starting point for the climb up to the pagoda.

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda

You would need to climb up these flight of stairs

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda

The Kao Hua Jook Pagoda



This temple has a commanding view of Bophut area. From this pagoda, the view was superb.

One gateway to Ko Samui

Koh Samui Airport runway as seen from this pagoda

ChaWeng, Ko Samui

ChaWeng Beach and ChaWeng Lake

Bang Por Sunset

Blue Marlin Bar

Blue Marlin Bar

Around 6 PM, went hunting for a spot to shoot the sunset. Spotted an interesting place where I could have both my dinner and sunset capture as well.

Blue Marlin Bar

Blue Marlin Bar as seen from the beach

Blue Marlin Bar


Sunset @ Bang Por, Ko Samui

@ 6.39 PM

Hello Mimie!

@ 6.57 PM. Say Hello to Mimie!

Dusk @ Ko Samui

@ 7.16 PM


Woke up slightly late, at about 6 AM, I again went hunting for a nice location to capture the sunrise.

Tong Son Bay

I discovered a lovely place to capture the rising sun. This bay could be found at the northeastern tip of Koh Samui.

Good Morning @ Tong Son Bay

@ 6.27 AM

Good Morning Ko Samui

@ 6.34 AM (The header photo is from this shot)

Good Morning @ Tong Son Bay, Ko Samui

@ 7.41 AM

After those shots, I went back to Kinnaree Resort and saw that I was early and decided to take the 10.30 ferry for Koh Phangan. Quickly I packed my bags, passed to the manager my luggage bag for safe keeping after placing my laptop and clothes into the 40L waterproof bag. Off I went on my bike to Big Buddha Pier to embark on the ferry to Haad Rin for my appointment with the biggest beach party in the world.

The continuation of this will be in the following blog. Also note that there will be a continuation of Ko Samui as I came back to this island for 1 more night’s stay before going back.

Thank you for reading this blog. Please note that the photos contained herein are mine and are my copyright.