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Part 3 – Marang – Kuantan – Subang Jaya

In this post, it chronicles my slow ride from Marang to Kuantan using the coastal road. So many places to visit, see and do! That’s why in this post, there are so many pictures that I would like to share with you all.

Then on the last day of the tour, it was a fast ride back to home.

The following map shows the places that I stopped to shoot photos.

My run on day 3.
Right-Click Map and open in separate tab/window for larger size.


As usual in most of my photography outings, I would wake up early to get the sunrise. I started shooting the sunrise but alas, no sunrise. The whole sky were covered in clouds.

This was taken at 7.05am about half a km from where I stayed.

After this shot, I went back to Ce Wer to check out. At the price I paid for the room, I cannot complain much except for the headless shower and no hot bath. A definite plus for this place was the sea front and lovely beach. The day earlier, I had a nice swim in the sea in front of this place.

Marang Market & Jetty

Practically the whole morning, I couldn’t see the sun until about noon. After checking out from Ce Wer, I went to the Marang Jetty to have my breakfast of Roti Canai. The Marang Market is situated opposite the food stalls which was quite packed. The advantage of riding a bike is that I could park almost anywhere.

An item to note was that on Friday morning, most of the shops, including food stalls, were closed. You would observe that the mosques would have full house even in the morning prayers. Thus the reason I had my breakfast near the market.

The stalls, opposite the market, selling food and drinks near the Marang Jetty.

Marang Market. Looks clean and new.

Shops selling ferry tickets to Pulau Kapas and accommodation there.

A rest area for visitors near the jetty

The ferry and boat terminal to Pulau Kapas

Not far from Marang town is a lovely R&R called Pantai Peranginan Kelulut, Marang. From this vantage point, Pulau Kapas looks very big since it is only about 15 minutes ride by boat. The reason why I didn’t want to spend a night there was because the resorts all face the mainland, i.e. facing west, thus cannot get the rising sun.

Along the coastline of Marang

Marang have a very long coastline. It covers from the suburbs of Kuala Terengganu up to Rhu Madu, just before Rantau Abang, which is under the district of Dungun. These were some of the scenes along this beautiful coastal road.

Fisherman at Pantai Peranginan Kelulut, Marang.

Pulau Kapas as seen from Pantai Peranginan Kelulut, Marang.

Pantai Peranginan Kelulut, Marang, as seen from the main road.

Pulau Kapas as seen from Pantai Peranginan Kelulut, Marang.

Almost reaching Rantau Abang, is a R&R area called Rhu Madu. It is an area recovered by Mangroves swamps. Plenty of mosquitoes. When I was there, only two cars containing families were parked. There were about a dozen gazebos for use with stone tables and stone stools. Maybe I was early not to see the crowd.

Rantau Abang

Rantau Abang is most noted for its Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting. Every year during the summer months (usually May through August), the turtles come ashore and lay their eggs.

Rantau Abang, to me, is a lovely quiet small town with golden sand beaches. For those who wants tranquillity and not much else to do except swimming and maybe fishing, this would be a great place to be.

That’s me on the bike at R&R Rantau Abang

A small welcoming signboard when you enter this place. The building with blue roof tiles is a R&R.

There are 2 R&Rs, one diagonally opposite the other. This one is less popular but has a lovely mosque.

Fishing boats along the golden beach of Rantau Abang


As I was travelling towards Dungun, I spotted Tanjong Jara Resort, so I went in to check the place out. All I can say is “WOW!” It is a classy place for the rich! Everything in this place is nice, so long if you have the money.

After leaving Tanjong Jara Resort, whilst riding along the road near the coast, I accidentally found a nice fishing village called Kampung Teluk Bedera.

A lovely bay near the village

The village by the cove

After taking the shots, I proceeded to Dungun town and found a lovely esplanade at the town’s coastline.

Shops and monument at Dungun’s esplanade.

Dungun town also have a very long beach. It was bright but the sky were covered with clouds when I took the following 2 shots.


I left for the town of Paka. I spotted the Jetty signboard and decided to check it out.

Paka fisherman’s jetty

The coastline at the mouth of Sungai Paka

Pantai Kemasik

Pantai Kemasik even have their own logo!

Ah… I really love this beach but “No Swimming Allowed”!!! Why? Because too many rocks and strong currents, but the beach… is wonderful!

I stopped at the famous R&R, Pantai Kemasik near Kerteh town. The following were the shots taken at this R&R where I decided to have my lunch, which to me is quite pricey!

The signboard at the entrance to Pantai Kemasik

The building with white roof is the food court

The No Swimming warning sign

A protected bay near the R&R, Pantai Kemasik

The famous tiny island at this beach. Everyone that comes here seems to want to take their photos with that island as background.

After shooting the above photos and ate the somewhat ‘no-so-nice’ lunch (maybe I chose the wrong stall), I saw it was almost 2pm and Kuantan was still very far away.

Kuantan, Beserah & Teluk Cempadak

Riding at an average speed of 90kph along the nice highway, I did see many fellow bikers on their bigger machines, going the other way, i.e. up north. I think by the time I managed to settle down, after checking out a few beach hotels in Beserah, at a beach motel called Gloria Maris Resort, it was almost 5pm. Don’t understand why it was named as a resort except for its messy beach-front. The only thing they have was a small swimming pool but no restaurant. They charged me RM82 for the night and there were mosquitoes in the room. The walls of the room was dark making the room eerie! There was only 1 plug-point to charge my batteries.

The chalet that I stayed

The tiny swimming pool

After settling down, I decided to check out the surrounding places where I could take my sunrise shots. After finding the best location, I went for a bite at a clean outdoor food court by the beach along the Kuantan Beserah road.

This place serves western food, ikan bakar and satay amongst others. The prices were reasonable and I liked their fresh fruit juices.

At night, I went to Kuantan and Teluk Cempadak to check out the place. I had supper and I found that Kuantan hawker food was not cheap. After that, I went to sleep in my eerie room.


As usual, I woke up very early, if not mistaken, about 5am. It was still dark and I tried looking for food along the way to Teluk Cempadak. Roti Canai will do, but sorry, no such luck at this early in the morning. Then I remembered that the McDonalds in Teluk Cempadak opens 24 hours and that’s where I had my breakfast. After that, it was still too early and I checked out the beach and saw many teenagers at the beach.

Lovers watching the rising sun at dawn. (6.39am)

After looking at my watch, I decided to go to the location that I found as interesting the previous day. It was Kampung Jambu, Beserah, if not mistaken.

The wooden handle broke, so many guys needed to push the fishing boat.

7.14am at Beserah

7.20am at Beserah

7.23am Beserah – artistic capture

After the above shots, I went back to the motel to check out. Then I rode into Kuantan one last time but stopped at the riverside.

At the Kuantan Riverside

At the Kuantan Riverside

At the Kuantan Riverside

OK. After this, I was on my bike again heading towards Bukit Gambang Resort City. I didn’t take any pictures there because you really need to stay in this place to really appreciate the experience. Lots of accommodation and activities here. Great place for a family outing. Having spent about an hour here, I started for home and I followed the sign “Kuala Lumpur” which took me to the Karak-Kuantan Expressway.

Riding along this expressway was a bit boring unless you have a big and fast bike. My average speed was about 90kph only. I stopped at the Temerloh R&R for Teh Tarik and Nasi Lemak, after which I headed for home.

I reached Petaling Jaya about 2pm and had lunch with my friend. Then it was home-sweet-home!

I hope you like this post. If you did, please write your comments.

Thanks for your visit.