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A day earlier, I took my bike to KLIA and saw directions leading to Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang. Curiosity took the better of me, so I went back and did some research about the place and checked out the Google Map.

Click map to see in very large format.

Directions to the place


The easiest way to go to Sepang Gold Coast is by way of KLIA. At the junction of the Sepang F1 Race Circuit, you need to turn left. Follow the road until you come to a traffic light. Turn right at this junction. Go towards Sepang town which have a funny chicane at the traffic light junction. Head towards Sungei Pelek. Compared to Sepang town, Sg Pelek is many more times bigger, so if you are looking for food, this place will be a better bet. After passing Sg Pelek, be on the lookout for Golden Palm Tree Resort sign board. You will probably pass Sri Malaysia Hotel. The moment you spot the resort, you have reached your destination.

From Klang

If you are starting from Klang, head towards Banting,Tanjung Sepat and then Bagan Lalang. Once you reached Bagan Lalang, look out for the Golden Palm Tree Resort signages.

From Melaka or Port Dickson.

Head towards Sepang or Sungei Pelek. Once you passed Sg Pelek, look out for the Golden Palm Tree Resort signages.

My Journey and experiences

At about 9am, I went to KLIA to check out the place with an intention of finding nice locations to shoot the airport. Since I had plenty of time, I stopped at the Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque, KLIA and took some shots.

After that, I went and survey the airport. There’s one place that not many people knows about and it has a few restaurants and Mamak food shops. It’s called DownTown KLIA.

Since it was a hot day, I went to have a drink of Milo Ice at a Chinese Muslim Seafood Restaurant which cost me MYR4.60. Well I guess it would probably cost me much more had I drank in KLIA Airport.

Well my stop over in KLIA DownTown was a mistake because once I continued my journey to Sepang Gold Coast, it started to rain, so I had to seek shelter along the road after the Sepang F1 Race Circuit. Met a fellow biker and we chatted as we waited for the rain to halt.

Finally at about 1.45pm, it did stop, so I continued to Sepang looking for lunch. Did not find any interesting food stalls so continued to Sungei Pelek. There, I saw a few customers eating at the corner shop selling Fried Koay Teow, Noodle Soup and Yong Tow Foo. Actually, this shop is at the back portion that faces a motorcycle shop. I ordered the Fried Koay Teow and it was only so-so!

After having filled my stomach, I continued to the coast and found the place without any difficulty.

Basically, the Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa sits in the centre of Sepang Gold Coast, thereby dividing the beach into two parts, the north and south beach.

The south beach seen from the resort
Sepang Gold Coast - South

The north beach
Sepang Gold Coast

Whether you opt for the north or south beaches, they are both muddy. Therefore a great place to hunt for lala, kerang or crabs.

The following were candid shots taken on the day.
Visitors to Sepang Gold Coast #1
Visitors to Sepang Gold Coast #2
Visitors to Sepang Gold Coast #3
Visitors to Sepang Gold Coast #4
Visitors to Sepang Gold Coast #5

Artistic shots taken there
Natural Lines
Into the horizon
Just in case...
Light & Shadows

Shots taken of/at the Golden Palm Tree Resort
Balancing the lights!
Infinity Pool - Golden Palm Tree Resort
Club House - Golden Palm Tree
One branch of the Golden Palm Tree Resort

Shots taken at north beach
The beach of Golden Palm Tree
Combing the mud for food @ sunset

Shots taken at south beach
Sepang Gold Coast
Sepang Gold Coast
Sepang Gold Coast

After taken the last shot at 8pm, I left the place and went to Sg Pelek looking for food. There, I had Hokkien Fried Meehoon as dinner. Thereafter, I left for home, travelling in the darkness along the road from Sg Pelek to the KLIA, after which, the roads were brightly lit! Reached home at about 9.30pm.

Will update this thread as and when I’ve posted more photos in Flickr!