26.Apr.2012 – Thursday Morning

Since the morning show promise of a beautiful day, I took the Elegan out to Section 13, Shah Alam to check out the library.

Before I left my house, I looked it up in Google Map and saw that it was next to the golf course, so I located it without asking anyone quite easily. It was an imposing big building but there were some construction in front of the library, so I couldn’t get any nice shots from there. Went around to check out the back part and found a lake behind. Perfect!
Raja Tun Uda Library, Shah Alam

The interior of the library look like this;
The interior of the Raja Tun Uda Library
The interior of the Raja Tun Uda Library

Hanging on the wall at the reception area is Raja Tun Uda’s poster
Raja (sir) Tun Uda Alhaj b Raja Muhammad

The entrance to the library looks like this
The entrance of the Raja Tun Uda Library

I understand from the guard that other than books, there is a 6D theatre. I will probably check it out another time.

Update: Went on 16.Jun.2012 to the 3D theatre and saw Narnia. Same like those in cineplex in Malls except that here, it only caters to about 3 dozen seats. Please be informed that the 3D glasses will cost you RM200 if you do not return them in proper order. When I was there, the 6D theatre was closed for repairs. I also looked at their floor directory and noticed that every floor has computer area.

Overall, this library is new, clean, well lit, with computers as well and many modern amenities!

You should pay this place a visit. I highly recommend it!