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25.Apr.2012 – Wednesday

On Monday, I searched for the service centre in Shah Alam, which was north of Subang Airport. Finally found the place after a couple of calls to their centre. When I finally located the place, the service supervisor asked me to make an appointment since my type of service/repair could take more than a few hours, so I made an appointment for Wednesday.

Came Wednesday, I arrived at the service centre and they started to operate on my bike after testing it on the road to find out what repairs were needed.

The reception area of the centre was quite warm because one of the air-conditioners was down and only one was working. The workshop was quite clean and had a few elevator platforms to service the bikes.

One thing about buying second bikes is that the exterior may look nice because the shop wants to dispose the bike. I didn’t feel the bike was running perfectly, so I wanted to know what was wrong with the bike. After opening the carburettor, the needle needed to be changed, so there goes RM74.80. They also changed the CVT rollers (Standard set), Slide pieces, air-filter element, some oil seals etc. They said my CVT belt can still be use, so there I saved some money… “phew!”

All together, the parts had a 30% discount which came up to RM234.90 and the Service Kit and labour charges added another RM55 to the bill. I think the cost was reasonable.

After taking back the bike, I felt the carburettor was feeding the engine smoothly and I didn’t need to control the throttle so much to keep the engine running. I think the previous owner used heavier rollers, thus resulting in a higher top end speed. Overall, my bike ran smoother and now it is a joy to ride it!

Cheers man!