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11.Apr.2012 – A sunny day.

At around 5.15pm, I loaded my Coocase 50L with my camera bag and tripod on my Modenas Elegan and made a dash for Morib. Well actually, I wanted to go to Gold Coast in Morib, but by the time I arrived at Morib Beach, it was about time for the sunset shot.

Eh! I said to myself! This place had changed since I was there in Feb-2010. Wow! I like it! So instead of spending another 20 minutes searching for the “Gold Coast”, I parked my bike and took my camera case and tripod and look around for a place to shoot the sunset!

Click map to view in HiRes large (last update was Jan-2010)

The beach consist of 2 parts. The northern part is the same and has long sandy beaches. The southern part consisting of a park and long walkway and occupies about 2 acres approximately. The beach fronting the golf course is also nice. Dividing the two beaches is the Institut Latihan Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan. The following photos were taken from the southern part of the beach. Waiting for the sun to set @ Morib Beach
The big playground @ Morib Beach
Sea Front @ Morib Beach
I could see people playing with bubbles and flying kites amongst other activities like picnic. As the food stalls were around the park/walkway, I went to order food/drinks. Whilst waiting for the food to come, I took these shots.
Sunset @ Morib Beach # 1
Sunset @ Morib Beach # 2
Sunset @ Morib Beach #
After that, I quickly consumed my food as the sun was going down very fast. These were shot after my dinner. One is a standard photo whereas the last one was done in HDR. They were taken 8 minutes apart and at slightly different angles.
Sunset @ Morib Beach # 4
Morib Beach @ Dusk - HDR
Actually, most photographers would miss this shot because the sky was actually quite dark, but at 5 seconds exposure, the camera captured the colours of the sky very well. Adding to the lighting, the lights from the spotlight fixed to the top of a lamp post lit up the pillars sufficiently to balance the lights from the background.

Frankly, the old Morib Beach has a “beach” whereas the new Morib Beach is just a sea front with lots of facilities and man-made structures.

So at 8pm, I packed up my bags and rode my Elegan the long journey home! For most of the ride from Morib to Subang Jaya, the roads were sufficiently lit. The petrol used was about RM8. Average speed was 80kph. Total mileage was about 120 km for the round trip.

23.Apr.2012 – Another sunny day.

Following my earlier visit, my friend and his wife wanted to check out the place for themselves, so at about 5pm, we drove to Morib beach.

Since a picture paints a thousand words, these were what we saw.
Wait a minute!
Double Framing
Your comments and advice will be appreciated. Thanks for your visit!