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My darling Modenas Elegan at the entrance to the little resort town

1.Apr.2012 – Sunday

Woke up early at 6.30am and saw the weather was going to be bright and sunny. Packed my camera and tripod into my Coocase 50L and out my gate I went. The first stop I did was to get breakfast, Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken.

The map of my route. Click map to view in Large.

I used the NKVE and the North-South Plus Highway and headed for Rawang. In Rawang, I asked around for the directions to Kuala Kubu Baru and a fellow motorist guided me the way there. As I passed a ‘T’ junction at Rasa, the smell of burnt gunpowder made me look for the source of the smoke and there on the hills were about a hundred Chinese people doing the Qing Beng at the small grave site.

People praying to their ancestors

Stopped my bike and squeeze off a few shots of the scene and then I continued my journey.

As I passed through the junction of Kuala Kubu Baru, I decided to check out the town. I was pleasantly surprised to find a square consisting of a few roads and rows of old but well maintained buildings. Looks like a great place to retire, I told myself!

The sleepy town of Kuala Kubu Baru on a Sunday


A big beautiful mosque in KKB

Filled up my small gas tank with petrol and continued to Fraser’s Hill.
About 7 km northeast of KKB rests one of Selangor’s largest supply of fresh water, the Selangor Dam.

The main Class A road passing by the Selangor Dam


Another view of the spillway side of the dam


SPLASH Information Centre at the Selangor Dam


The main water intake of the Selangor Dam


The lake created by the Selangor Dam


The lake in HDR - 3 frames combined


Another view of the lake

No swimming or fishing allowed – what a waste!
The road leading to the GAP was pretty good Class B road. At the GAP, there is now a one-way road going up and another one about 1 km further, the exit of the road leading down from Fraser’s Hill.

The entrance to the one-way road leading to Fraser Hill.
Previously, at this point, motorist had to take turns going up or down.

Bikers using this narrow road must pay attention to the angle of the road as it always angle towards the hill. If wet and slippery, bikers tend to skid towards the hill. I had a bad experience the first time I used a Honda C70 on this road. My bike skidded!

The following are sample of the types of bungalows found in Fraser Hill.

Sri Selangor - Available for rent.


Another bungalow near the school field.


You can find lots of this type of flower around Sri Selangor

The main buildings surrounding the clock tower which also serves as a round-about is the Golf Club, the Post Office, the Police Station, shops and Puncak Inn.

Went looking for food and I let my eyes and nose do the searching. At the right of Puncak Inn is a small road leading to a public square for R&R. I had burger and drinks here.

After a good meal, it was time for me to head for home as I did notice that the sky had started to look like a shower is about to start. Travelling at about 20~30km, I slowly moved down to the exit of the hill. The picture below shows the exit point at the GAP.

Once I’m on the main trunk road, I’m able to travel at 80 kph. Along the way down, I spotted a nice waterfall which I didn’t notice on the way up.

As I was travelling back home, there was massive jam after passing Rasa and I was glad that I was riding a motorbike, easily passing hundreds of cars crawling all the way to Rawang. Must be due to Qing Beng.

I estimate that my Elegan used about RM15 for this trip.

Happy Riding!