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Travel Map to Tasik Bera and Tasik Chini - click this map to see in Large.

A week earlier, I had made plans to go solo to Tasik Chini (Lake Chini). When Saturday came, packed my camera bag and tripod plus some clothings into the Coocase 50L, left my house in Subang Jaya at 6.20am and headed straight for the Karak Highway via NKVE, LDP, the KL Outer Ring Road and Batu Caves. Filled up my petrol tank at the BHP station just after the toll and was hunting for breakfast. At this early a time and on a Saturday, there was not many cars on the road and no food shops opened. At Genting Sempah, parked my bike and grabbed some Teh Tarik and Halal Chicken Pow. Well, at least had some food inside my tummy before I continue on my journey.
My actual plans did not include Tasik Bera. However once I turned into Temerloh, there was a sizeable signage advertising Tasik Bera. “What the hack! I was still very early,” I told myself, so there I went hunting for Tasik Bera (Bera Lake) and on and on I followed the directions to that place. The first interesting place to stop and take some pictures were at the Bera Waterfront which was beside the Pahang River. I met some SIngaporeans at this spot and they took the following photos.

Taking a break at the Bera Waterfront

Me at the Bera Waterfront - except for my long pants, I was in full riding gear!

One of the towns that I pass was Teriang. There was a lovely mosque opposite a very new and big police station.

Then I continued my journey to Tasik Bera. The country roads that I used were pretty well maintained and I passed by oil palm plantations by Felda, IOI and Boustead. At last I spotted the entrance into Tasik Bera and filled up the guest book. Made friend with the guard and asked him for directions how to continue my journey to Tasik Chini once I left this place. The road into Tasik Bera were narrower and less maintained but nonetheless, I managed to find the Visitors Centre.

Entrance to the visitors centre

Inside the visitors centre

After a fast walk round the visitors centre, I proceeded to the Tasik Bera Resort which was about 1 km from the centre. Upon arrival at the almost deserted resort, I went straight to the restaurant and ordered the following;

Milo Ice (RM2), Nasi Lemak (RM4)

These were captured at the Tasik Bera Resort.

After consuming my brunch, I had a chat with a family visiting the resort. They stayed not too far from the resort. The man said that fishing around this place is quite good. After saying my goodbyes and paying the bill, I left the resort and continued my journey to Tasik Chini.

To get to Tasik Chini from Tasik Bera, I had first to travel south and turn east to Muadzam Shah and up north to Chini. Signages to Chini were practically absent and I had to ask around for directions. About 30km north of Muadzam Shah, I had to spot the Petronas service station that has a few food stalls around it. Once I reached this station, only then could I spot the signage for Tasik Chini.
The small town of Chini is very spacious and all of single storey construction. There I filled up my petrol tank and headed for the Tasik Chini Resort. The road into this resort is slightly better than the one into Tasik Bera. Upon arrival, I asked for the RM25 bed dormitory and guess what, no one was interested to show me where my room was and I had to ask a few times until I found the place.

The dormitory. Dirty pillows and unkept beds.
Dusty and hot as well!

The dormitories

Tasik Chini consists of 12 interconnecting lakes

Boat rental rates

View of the resort as seen from the end of the jetty.

View of the resort as seen from the end of the jetty.

My Dinner
Fruit Punch = RM3.50
Fried Rice = RM6.50



The following photos were taken from the Tasik Chini Training Centre which is located next to the resort;

When I was shooting this training centre, it was deserted and mosquitoes had a feast on my body. Had to quickly finish what I was doing fast!

My comment on the Tasik Chini Resort are;
The place is nice and those paying for the air-cond Standard Room (RM130), Deluxe Rooms (RM140) or the VIP Rooms (RM300) probably have cleaner rooms than the dormitory. However, those staying in the dormitories would probably leave with an impression that the place is not well maintained.
Visitors to this resort are “Captive Guest” meaning that they have no places to eat than at the resort. Thus the food must be good and opened 24/7. However, the restaurant closes at 10pm and only reopen at 7am. When I was there, even at 7.30am, the restaurant is still not ready for customers.


On the return journey home, I decided to use the Salong-Chenor-Temerloh way. I had my breakfast at Chenor and I had to share table with 2 others. We started to chat and I was pleasantly surprised that the old man at the table paid for my Teh Tarik and Roti Telur. In the early morning, it was a pleasure to ride a motorbike on the country road and smell the fresh cow-dungs which motorbike could easily avoid. Whilst on the KL-Kuantan Highway, especially from Bentong to KL, more than a hundred superbikers easily pass me by at high speed.

Travelling at 60~80 kph was a breeze on the Modenas Elegan 150 and I managed to reach Petaling Jaya before 12 noon.