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I’ve heard comments like…

Crazy!   Stupid!   Dangerous!

Well guys, one must know the roads and capabilities of the bike and rider. When I was a teenager riding a Honda C70 without protective apparels, “Yes!” you can call me those. I’ve got scars to show my stupidity. However at my current age, I’m a bit wiser now, spending a small sum for protective clothings and shoes.

It would be stupid to travel in the city at 90kph in heavy traffic! However travelling on the highway, biking at less than 80kph would be dangerous! Why? Most cars and heavy vehicles would be travelling at 80~90kph. If they did not spot you when you move slowly, they may not be able to brake in time.

If you do not think you can control the bike at high speed, why go at that speed then? Travel at a speed you feel comfortable with. Don’t try to follow the superbikers if your bike cannot perform like them. Each bike has its own handling characteristics. Know what your bike can and cannot do first before you push it over the limit.

Always check your rearview mirrors constantly. I’ve seen bikes without any mirrors!

If the road is unfamiliar to you, don’t speed! A layer of sand or oil on the road is good chance of your bike sliding. It could be a painful experience for you and your pocket!

Let’s not talk about age. As long as your feet can touch the road whilst seated on the bike, as long as you know how to ride the bike skillfully, wear safety attire, I believe you can travel anywhere without fear!

Happy & Safe Riding!