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Me and my Modenas Elegan 150

Me and my Modenas Elegan 150

On Monday, 12.Mar.2012, I started from Subang Jaya at about 12.30pm and used the Guthrie Corridor to connect to the North-South Plus Highway. Had lunch at the Rawang R&R and filled up the tank.

Hit the highway again and travelled at 100-120kph speed most of the time and noticed that the fuel meter drops down to empty level very fast. Before I could reach Gopeng, the reserve lights came out and the fuel gauge was empty. Travelled really slow at 80kph, leaned down low to reduce wind drag and exited the highway at the Gopeng exit. Found a Petronas filling station about 1km from the exit and was really glad they had the station so close to the exit. Phew! A close call there!

Thereafter, travelled at between 80~90kph until I reached my father’s apartment in Penang with plenty of petrol in the tank.

My impression of the bike is that it gives pretty good mileage between 50~60kph and real smooth at that speed. Between 80~90kph, still reasonable mileage and still very steady. At 100~120, the bike was struggling and really drinks petrol.

The acceleration from 0~80kph is pretty impressive and I usually leave the other vehicles behind at the traffic lights with its good linear acceleration. I have to get used to cornering at high speed and I usually achieve it by holding the handle bars tightly while leaning away from the curve. However, the balance of this bike is unlike those of super-bikes which probably have better balance. For the Elegan, I always have the uneasy feeling that the tyres will slip away under me. Well, have to get used to it!

My estimate for fuel consumption from Subang Jaya to Penang is about RM23 if speeding at between 80~90kph. Even at that speed, I will pass many cars. Since the fuel tank is only 7.5 litres, I need to stop at least once at the Tapah R&R on the way back. Overtaking at 80kph to 100kph is pretty fast as well.

If I travel at 80~90kph, I’ll use the emergency lane most of the time. If I travel at 100~120kph, I’ll use the fast lane or overtaking lane most of the time.

At below 60 kph, the wind will not hit my eyes due to the wind shield. However, above the 60kph mark, without a visor, I will not be able to open my eyes due to the wind.

Going up to Penang on 12.Mar.12 was drizzling most of the time. From Gopeng to Penang, it was raining and I had to use the cheap RM23 rain-coat. By the time I got to Penang, I was really drenched. So never buy a cheap rain-coat. The Givi raincoat was very good. When I checked the cheap rain-coat, the plastic lining sort of disintegrated into pieces and I had to throw it away.

When I started the journey from Subang Jaya, I was using a cheap RM20 helmet with a RM10 visor. Came back from Penang, I was using the LS2 double visor helmet. Felt cool when the dark visor protected my eyes! Shiok! However, both helmets could not cut down the wind noise!

Going North ~ Started @ 12.30pm and reached Penang @ 4.10pm with 20 minutes stopover at Rawang R&R and 10 minutes filling up petrol in Gopeng.

Going South ~ Started @ 1.30pm and reached Subang Jaya @ 5.30pm with 10 minutres stops at Semanggol R&R and Tapah R&R. Waiting about 15 minutes for the rain to stop and I finally don my rain-coat to continue the journey. Was raining very heavily between Tanjong Malim and Rawang, thereafter the roads were dry again.