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Most of you would be wondering why the heading was spelt with a ‘t’ missing. Well, I used the Malay word ‘Elegan‘ instead of the English word ‘Elegant‘ because my bike’s model is the Modenas Elegan 150.

The manufacturer of this bike is Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd, Taiwan. A month prior to my purchase of this bike, I knew nothing about SYM, but then, I heard good vibes from bikers about SYM bikes. In Malaysia, Modenas assembles this bike under their brand as Modenas Elegan with a 150cc engine.

SYM JoyRide

SYM JoyRide – photo taken from their website.

In this site, you will find my thoughts on my bike and photos/videos of my travels with this bike. I will attempt to provide you all as much details as possible.